dream wall

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The wall above my couch consistently bums me out with its lack of art.  But I’ve found out through the process of trying to spruce it up through a gallery wall that I apparently have issues committing to art!  I either find something that I love but can’t afford, or refuse to pay for  since I can recreate it myself (but then never take the time to actually do it), or I can’t decide whether it’s the perfect piece or not.  So I decided to take a step toward facing my issues by creating a virtual gallery wall – no commitment necessary!  The prices range from free downloads to out-of-my-budget art, so check out their sources to find out more about them.


meet poesy

About a month and a half ago, Tanner and I adopted our first puppy.  We’ve had our ups and downs – I have laughed so much, and I have shed many tears!  Here is a glimpse into our first moments with her the day we adopted her.