nesting: textiles

As a newlywed, I spend a lot of my free time nesting.  Here is a glimpse of our home through textiles.  If you look closely, you might notice a color scheme. ;))



wedding bliss

I experienced one of the most beautiful and life-changing days of my life almost three months ago, on March 9, 2013: my wedding day.

Our wedding, as probably all weddings, did not go exactly as I had planned or imagined, but it exceeded my expectations in how beautiful and special it was.  It was meant to be an outdoor wedding to take place under a gorgeous oak tree next to a lake, but it rained all day (although it did pause long enough for us to take some pictures outdoors!).  We moved the ceremony indoors to the building on the property where the reception was planned, and the best word I can think to describe it is perfect.

I’ll share more about the details in future posts, but what I want to share today is what most surprised me about that day.  As my newlywed husband, Tanner, and I were driving away that evening, the overwhelming emotion we both shared was GRATITUDE.

Gratitude for the love for each other that God had placed in each of us to share, gratitude for our families who all shared in the joy of our union, and gratitude for our amazing friends who served us wholeheartedly in the months, weeks, and days all leading up to our wedding.  Because of how grateful we felt, as we drove away from our reception, we both shared our excitement of coming back from our honeymoon to in return serve our friends and family.  

Although I had expected to experience love, joy, and laughter on my wedding day, God surprised me by teaching me a lesson about selflessness and servanthood.  I feel so blessed that my wedding serves as an inspiration – an inspiration to love and to serve as Jesus taught, and as He did.

bear fruit

I have not always understood the concept of meditating on a verse, but lately, I have been meditating on this verse.


People who know me know that I like to be in control.  I like to make plans, carry out my plans, on my own, and see results.

But I know that even though God made me this way, it can also be a vice if I fail to ultimately submit myself to Him.  As I’ve been struggling through making decisions as a recent college graduate, I keep going back to this verse.  As I’ve been memorizing it and repeating it back to myself over and over, the last line consistently leaves an impression on me.

“It never fails to bear fruit.”

Jeremiah compares a person who trusts in the Lord to a tree in a time of drought.  The tree is obviously struggling, but yet it continues to BEAR FRUIT.

How often do we I like to wallow in seemingly difficult times, only to become more dejected the longer my pity party lasts?  God’s desire for us is to consistently bear fruit, despite the circumstances, which will not only benefit ourselves, but also bless others.

I commit to focusing on others above myself, to finding ways to solve others’ problems instead of my own, to serving others instead of myself, and to bear fruit for God to enjoy.